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    Longest Female Pubic Hair

    Longest female pubic hair
    Pubic hair, short and curly in most of us, sometimes grows to quite extraordinary lengths. Havelock Ellis worked as a midwife in his early days, and he notes that only in one case did long pubic hair hamper his efforts. In some remarkable cases recorded by a certain Mr. F. L. John (1778-1852) the pubic hair was longer than the women's ordinary hair. Thus (Paulini): the pubic hair reached the knees.... (Bartholia): the pubic hair was plaited behind the woman's back. Ronald Learsall, who nicely notes these instances, observes with appropriate insight that such cases "are unquestionably freakish."

    Unbelievable female pubic hair length
    All human beings have different hair types. One of them is pubic hair. In most of people it is short and curly. But some doctors say that there are interesting and unbelievable cases of pubic hair length. In one case pubic hair hindered midwife’s work. In another one it was longer then the woman’s ordinary hair. But the most interesting cases are when the pubic hair length reached the girl’s knees or was plaited behind her back.

    Most prolific growth of pubic hair
    There is long pubic hair and there is pubic hair that is thick and expansive in the general abdominal area. Walter (of "My Secret Life"), an evident connoisseur in such matters, talks with clear delight of a fine bush of "Scots red" pubic hair - "The bush was long and thick, twisting and curling in masses half-way up to her navel, and it spread about 5 in . up her buttocks, gradually getting shorter there." In another part of his autobiography Walter remarks that he has seen those "bare of hair, those with but hairy stubble, those with bushes six inches long, covering them from bum bone to navel." And he adds reflectively - "there is not much that I have not seen, felt or tried, with respect to this supreme female article." In like vein, in the "Memoires of Dolly Morton", an American classic, the attributes of Miss Dean are noted with some surprise (she is tripped and beaten for helping runaway slaves) - her spot was covered with a "thick forest of glossy dark brown hair," with locks nearly two inches long. One man remarked, "But Gosh! I've never seen such a fleece between a woman's legs in my life. Darn me if she wouldn't have to be sheared before man could get into her."

    Pubic hair bushes
    Sometimes the pubic hair looks like the bush of long, thick and expansive hair in the general abdominal area. There is some case when the hair was not only long and thick but it was twisting and curling in half-way up to the navel and spread about 5 in . up the buttocks, but there it was shorter. Also, according to the other information about the most prolific growth of pubic hair, it is known that this place was like hairy stubble with bushes 6 in . long. Another girl had glossy dark brown pubic hair with locks the length of which was about 2 inches . But all men in the world do not want to get into their partner if she has such long pubic hair.

    Earliest growth of male pubic hair
    Pubic hair, normally a sign of the onset of puberty, can occur - as can menstruation at a surprisingly early age. H. Jolly mentions a boy of only eighteen months who had both an enlarged penis and pubic hair. Often such conditions are associated with a number of other abnormalities. In the cited case the boy "presented with a right-sided abdominal mass." Autopsy showed the mass to be a primary hepatoblastoma.

    Earliest age of male pubic hair growth
    As for the appearance of pubic hair it grows during the process of puberty. But sometimes it happens very early. For instance, some medical book mentions the boy of 18 months who had both enlarged penis and pubic hair. It was called the abnormality, a primary hepatoblastoma.

    Latest growth of female pubic hair
    In some women there is little pubic hair growth at any time. Such a circumstance can occur in women sexually normal in every other respect. In yet other women pubic hair may eventually grow in a completely normal way but may commence growth at a surprisingly early or late age. In the Kinsey survey some women did not have any pubic hair until they reached the age of eighteen. It is unlikely that this is a record. We may reasonably speculate that some women in their early twenties have not yet started to grow hair in the genital area -

    Latest age of female pubic hair growth
     As for female pubic hair growth it can occur at any time in some sexually normal women. But there are a lot of cases when it happens too early or vice versa too late. According to interesting data some women don’t have any pubic hair until the age of eighteen years. But it is not the record. Some doctors suppose that there are also the women whose pubic hair doesn’t start growing until they become twenty-years-old.

    Earliest growth of female pubic hair
    In the "normality spread," as shown, for example, in Kinsey (p.123) some girls began growing pubic hair as early as eight years of age. This is very young to begin such growth yet cannot be considered "abnormal." The real records relate to instances of sexual precocity often, as we have seen, connected with (sometimes fatal) abnormalities. Hugh Jolly noted instances of pubic hair in babies, in one case a girl of only one month old had hair growth around the genitals.

    Earliest age of male pubic hair growth
     According to some information the early growth of female pubic hair happens more often than male one. It can occur in eight-years-old girls. And it is not considered to be the abnormality. But when pubic hair appears in babies we can easily call it the real abnormal occasion.

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