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  • Enlargement implant penis – learn more about this operation.

    There are now many enlargement penis implants operations. Just after the operation you may experience unpleasant feelings. Special medicines prevent spontaneous erections during the period of recovery. An enlargement implant penis operation requires that the patient be able to have an orgasm, be never down with urinary system diseases, prostate diseases and other diseases that make difficulties for the implant functioning.

    It is necessary to take into account the following moments: the patient’s lifestyle, great desire to give satisfaction to a beloved woman and others. The enlargement implant penis operation uses silicone implants – two cylinders which girth is the same as the girth of the penis.

    These implants are hard enough to provide penetration. Such an enlargement implant penis operation is the simplest one. It is also possible to perform an enlargement implant penis operation with the use of hydraulic implants.

    Their construction is much more complicated, and such an operation is much more expensive.

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